Theme: "Improving The Productivity, Cost Effectivity And Environment Protectivity Through Chemical Treatment In Oil & Gas Industries".

Chemical treatment to oil and gas, starting from production level to final consumption, plays very import role in oil and gas industries. The complete chain of the hydrocarbon streams, including upstream, midstream and downstream need chemical treatment to make the industries more productive, cost effective and environment protective.

Chemicals being used, particularly in E&P industries have serious implications towards environmental, both at surface and sub surface level and therefore industries face challenges to make it environment friendly under new strict regulations. It has been reported that the world market of oil field chemicals alone, is projected to grow at an average annual rate of about 4% in next five years.

Challenges, such as corrosion, scaling, waxing and deposition in pipeline, decontamination, purification and refinement of the quality of oil, gas and product streams, to make it more suitable as feed stock and treatment of refinery products to further make it more environment friendly, are being faced by industries.

The concept of RRR (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) in water conservation by industries, which is utmost important for water scarce country like ours, can more widely be translated into practice through innovation on chemical treatment and formulation.

Topics To Be Covered 

The topics of the paper for presentation in the conference, mentioned below, are indicatives and any other topics related to chemical treatment/ additives in oil & gas industries, focussed to above objectives shall be accepted subjected to the permission of the chair.

  • Oil field chemicals used in E&P industries, Effectivity, Environmental impact and mitigation.
  • The quality of oil and gas produced and required treatment for improving feed stock quality.
  • De-emulsification of oil and advancement in treatment technology to make it more cost effective.
  • Flow Assurance through chemical treatment/ additives in oil and gas transportation.
  • Cross Country Transportation of oil & gas and required treatment for pipeline integrity and environmental protection.
  • Improvement in the quality of crude feed stock to refinery for reducing downtime and improving productivity.
  • Mitigation the impact of chlorides and sulphides in oil as well as gas industries.
  • Treatment of gas for sweetening and dehydration through absorbents and adsorbents to make it suitable for transportation and consumption.
  • Chemical treatment of effluents from oil & gas industries for recycling and safe disposal.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor and Biocide treatment in cooling and boiler feed water, its effectivity both in terms of cost and quality.
  • Chemical Treatment of cooling water in oil & gas industries for mitigating the contamination arising due to leakage of hydrocarbon, increasing COC and reducing scaling.
  • Environmental impact of chemicals used in oil & gas industries and mitigation through safe disposal for environmental protection.
  • Advancement in chemical treatment technology in oil and gas industries for making it more effective and environmental protective.
  • Technological advancement in improving the quality of fuel for reducing the environmental impact through processing and chemical treatment.
  • Improving the quality of feed stock to oil & gas industries for improving quality of product, productivity and environmental protection.

Industries Served

Asset Integrity Professionals, Chemical Manufacturers, Chemical Traders, Chemical Dosing Laboratory Corrosion Specialist, Designers, Engineers, Professionals from Fertilizer Industry, Filtration, Microbiologists, Oil & Gas Production, Petrochemicals, Pipeline Managers and Operators, Process engineers, Production chemist, Professionals from Refineries , Software specialists for Oil & Gas field Industry, Testing specialists, Universities & Academic institutes , Vendors and Suppliers, Water Injection Chemicals, Water Treatment Professionals.

Abstract Submission

Chemists, engineers, scientists,testing specialists, chemical manufacturers and all other relevant professionals involved in oil field chemical, treatment & application are invited for technical paper presentation. Abstracts will be evaluated based on relevance, uniqueness, originality, technical content, and clarity. Browse the list of featured topics. Interested professionals are requested to submit their abstract not exceeding 300 - 500 words as per the guidelines through email.

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  • Abstracts should be prepared in English
  • The abstract must be submitted in *.doc/ *.docx format only.
  • The abstract should comprise of a title, names and affiliation of authors along with email address and the text.
  • The abstract size is limited to one A4 page (including title, authors, affiliations, body text, keywords, etc.) and 500 words at most.

Key Deadlines For Paper Submission

Presentation Submission: 15.06.19

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Delegate Rs. 12,000/- (USD 250)

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