Mr. Shakti Kumar Pandey

Mr. Shakti Kumar Pandey

Convenor & Chief of Technical Committee (OFCTC 2019)

Former Executive Director, ONGC Mumbai

Shri S.K.Pandey, is a Post Graduate in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and Former Executive Director in ONGC Ltd Mumbai. He has more than three and half decades of experience of working in Oil & Gas Industries which includes more than two and half decades, exclusively in oil and gas processing area. Chemical Treatment of oil and gas such as De emulsification of oil, Flow Assurance, Desulfurization of oil and gas, Adsorption and Absorption for Sweetening and Dehydration of gas and oil, Dew Point Depressants and many other treatments essentially required to meet the specification for cryogenic process and marketing of oil and gas, had been his key area of operation. He has, in his credit, commissioning and Operation of first Sour Gas Handling Plant in India at ONGC Hazira through MDEA treatment for Sweetening, as Head of the commissioning and then Head of Processing both at Hazira and Uran Plant of ONGC in India.

Cryogenic Process for Separation and Production of Value Added Products such as LPG, Naphtha, Kerosene, Methane/ Ethane through Fractionation Distillation from Sour hydrocarbon gas and condensate, had been remarkably commissioned, operated and managed by him. Chemical treatment of all associated units of oil and gas processing, such as cooling water, boiler feed water, effluent treatment for safe disposal and recycling were conceptualized and commissioned under his leadership.

Mr. Pandey Superannuated as Executive Director and Plant Manager from ONGC Uran Plant Mumbai in July 2016 and presently an independent Advisor and Domain Expert in gas processing and utilization. He is an invited guest speaker of international conferences and seminar in gas and energy sector.